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So you want to know more about me?

First, let's tackle the name misconception. Chris.....I'm a Christina, a mom of five girls and a product of the 80's, which is by far my favorite decade. 


Second, let's talk about "style"....yeah, I'm gonna say I really don't have one! Because it changes, it varies, it depends.... on you, the lighting, the day, my mood, your attitude, the wind, the sky, the location....so much! Here's why....I'm an artist. I create. There's my value. I could feed you a line about how I want to "create memories" for you because that's what every photog says, and it's a bit cliche' no? But honest to God, I just want to create awesomeness...I want you to look at the images we made together and say "oh wow!".....I want you to look at the time we spent together and think "hell yes!", maybe chuckle randomly at something I will undoubtably say during the session to get you or someone in your group to smile. I'm flexible, I bend, I change. I don't ever want to keep doing the same thing for too long. I don't want it to look entirely the same twenty years or even two years from now. I have no true aesthetic, I get my vision when I show up, when I see you....when I'm working with you...you are what inspires me. 


That being said....I was trained by the best in the country, professionally and traditionally. I was taught lighting and posing and we're not talking just about "natural" lighting...I'm talking studio lights. It sounds old school and it kinda is and I'm thankful for that because it is the foundation everyone in this business should have and often times doesn't.....(no bashing) you need to know the basics, you need to know how to paint that light...so thanks to my mentor for being patient and making me the kind of photog that has that knowledge. 20 years as of 2019 and still learning, still changing what I know, learn and love. If you want to rock some sessions with me, contact me. We'll make it happen!